S&P 500: Technical Analysis update

The market situation in this period, in particular the American market which is the reference for the world, is in a wide range from April 2014. The S&P 500 in recent years has moved between 1820 and 2130 points. In this case, these values ​​represent a very strong support and a very strong resistance to… Read More »

Portfolio 03-31-2016

DIRAMCO Portfolio ended first quarter of 2016 with a gross performance of +3.60% mainly due to the EUR-USD exchange rate. How you can still see in the graph, the portfolio is highly liquid with the absence of bonds replaced by Deposit and ETF Funds. The strategy for 2016, with the declines of the current market… Read More »

Gold, Trend inversion

A couple of months ago we observed a stabilization in the price of Gold. Since February the price is climbing with the increased volatility and relative declines in world stock markets. In fact, as already happened in the past, yellow metal is seen as an asset of refuge in times of economic crises. At this… Read More »

Portfolio 12-31-2015

The DIRAMCO portfolio closed the year with a gross annual performance of + 2.31% against the major indexes reported in the previous post. As shown in the graph the portfolio is still highly liquid with the absence of bond that is replaced by deposit. The strategy for 2016, with the recent market declines, is a gradual increase… Read More »

Long Term Market Forecast in 2016

The American index S&P 500 is going to end the year almost unchanged +0.10%. The following graph is represented with Heikin-Ashi candles of 3 months. Last two quarters came into downtrend rather weak. If index will continue the downward trend in the first quarter of 2016 the new year could close negatively. In fact the US… Read More »

Crude Oil Analysis and forecast

WTI crude oil price closed the week at $ 41.90 a barrel. Brent price resists $ 44.66 a barrel. The graph represents the trend of the price with monthly Heikin Ashi candles. The setting is still negative even at weekly level. Why price has fallen so much? The price is given from intersection of supply… Read More »

Portfolio 09-30-2015

The DIRAMCO Portfolio ended the third quarter of 2015 with a gross yield of -0.05% from beginning of the year. This result can be considered to be above the market average because in the last period prevail weakness and uncertainty on various global markets even if in recent sessions there was an important recovery. The… Read More »

Dow Jones: technical analysis update

  The Dow Jones is testing many levels below a normal correction of a positive trend in the long term. Moving averages are all turning into a negative trend as anticipated here. Next support to be tested is 16,000 points. From a technical point o view it shows a figure that could give a trend… Read More »

Dow Jones: Bear awakening?

  This week ended with a sharp decline for the Dow Jones . Media say that it is a correction . In fact in order to determine whether the market is reversing in a Bear phase we have to wait the end of the month. The chart shows just that index broke out a support and… Read More »

Portfolio 06-30-2015

  The DIRAMCO portfolio ended the first six months of 2015 with a gross yield of 0.73%. Compared to March 2015 we did not have so many operations. DIRAMCO continues to be very liquid because of the many uncertainties in the bond market in Europe and US. As mentioned in previous posts the US stock… Read More »